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Rob Parker at Catch The Fire Ottawa

Rob Parker from the National House of Prayer will be speakingt at our regular service on Sunday, June 11 at 2 PM at St. Paul's Anglcan Church in Kanata.

Rob and Fran Parker are the founders and Directors of the National House of Prayer. They heard the call to create an “Embassy of Prayer” in the nation’s capital on Canada Day – July 1st, 2000 after Rob had made a 73 day Prayer Walk from Calgary to Ottawa. After several years of sharing the vision with other leaders across the nation they moved to the capital in 2004 to begin establishing a ministry that would mobilize prayer for government.

God led Rob and Fran in establishing a strategic and prayerful presence for the government of Canada. Over the past twelve years, thousands of Christian believers have come to pray in the halls of government through the ministry of the National House of Prayer.

It will be great to have Rob with us and we hope to see you there!!!