River Studio, a vibrant and passionate group, welcomes all expressions of God’s creative arts.

We regularly contribute to River Café, Sunday Services, a Pop-Up Gallery and secular happenings.

Our corporate gatherings are lively, once a season in Almonte to celebrate Holy Spirit inspired talents, show our work and pray ‘More Lord’ for each other.

Group is open to adults.     Contact April Stephenson    shepherd3@rogers.com

More Information:

Through the many forms of creative arts God not only satisfies our longing for beauty, our desire to express who we are, our love of stories, drama, music, He also reaches outward and inspires people. God brings hope, stimulates communication/conversation, heals, offers an alternative to the lost and, reveals His dreams, visions and messages. A lot happens when we engage in the talents, gifts and abilities the Holy Spirit has placed within us.

Art has the ability to stir us, evoke responses, and engage people.

At our creative gatherings we share with each other our inspired talents and pray for each other for ‘more Lord’ or to break through creative blockages.

What was once called a salon we now consider a party, a celebration, fun in a powerful Holy Spirit setting.

As creatively gifted folks within CTF Ottawa we fit perfectly into the family, ready to contribute, share insights as God gives them and serve where the Holy Spirit opens the door.

 God uses the creative to refresh His people, enrich their lives, and lead them deeper into contemplative thought or worship. Directly or indirectly God’s art forms can weave seamlessly into evangelism. Why? – Because they are full of Holy Spirit life!

Music, poetry, dance, writing, visual arts, theatre, film, acting, creative movement, mime, flagging etc. all have the ability to engage us in greater intimacy, closer relationship with our God.

Like Father, like son/daughter. We have His life stamp forever evident in the creative fire that burns within.

However new, however familiar, however scary though thrilling to consider, in all its forms, the arts are an adventure.

 Come and be released into ‘more’, share friendship and be inspired as steel sharpening steel, come to The Party

We gather at April’s home in Almonte once each season.

For more information about the group or to register and receive information regarding dates, time and address sign up or email shepherd3@rogers.com

April Stephenson