Volunteering at Catch The Fire Ottawa!

If you want to participate in ministry at CTF Ottawa, take a moment and look through the various opportunities below to be a part of a volunteer team . Once you find a ministry opportunity that fits you, you can sign-up by emailing Ottawa@catchthefire.com and one of our team leaders will contact you shortly!

What are my options?

Greeting Team

Be the face of CTF Ottawa

As a greeter, you have the opportunity to set the tone for CTF Ottawa's upcoming service. If you love meeting people and making them feel right at home, then this is perfect for you.

Connection Team

Make everyone feel welcome and at home

A Connection team host goes one step further than the greeter and seeks to make connections with our first-time guests before and after the service, to answer their questions and to make them feel welcomed.

Hospitality Team

Facilitate fellowship and connections

The main role of the Hospitality Team is to help facilitate fellowship time after the service by creating a friendly place to gather over some coffee and snacks.

Audio/Visual Team

Help lead people into worship and see people encounter our living God

As a member of this team you help ensure everything runs smoothly visually during the service.  

FIRE Kids Ministry Team

Help develop the next generation of Leaders

Help teach the next generation who Jesus is, what He has done for them, and how He is present here and now, active in their lives. By ministering to the children you'll also be ministering to their families.

Security Team

Make sure the church is safe

As a member of this team you will ensure no threatening people enter the church, and that everyone (kids) are where they are suppose to be and not roaming the halls.